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Michelle Caldwell: Art
Comic Style Retouching

Ford GT

Comic-style retouching / illustration

Auto Retouching Jeep

Jeep Wrangler

Stylized Retouching

Auto Retouching: Ford Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang


Holiday Retouching

Holiday Retouching

Gingerbread Holiday scene made with creative commons photo pieces and illustration.

Fox and Birch trees: Illustration

Fox & Birch Illlustration

Beer Man Illustration

Wolcott Mill

3D Puppy Dog art

Lazy Sled Dogs

Dog Portrait

Washu at the Park

Dog Portrait

About Me,


Most of the retouching work that I have done since 2009 can not be shown here because showing that work would break a policy of my current employer. That work includes a wide range of subject matter and skill. I have been working as a commercial artist since 1992 - mostly retouching. I have experience in a wide variety of graphic arts areas including automotive retouching, portrait retouching, general advertisement retouching, photo restoration, illustration, production art, website production, multimedia, design, page layout & (from the old days) typesetting, service bureau work, and photo lab work. I am also a digital illustrator / painter. Most of my illustrations and paintings feature animals.