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News From Washu

Washu has obtained her fifth Agility Title: CPE Level 1 Fun Games.
She, now, has ALL of the CPE Level 1 titles.
Washu also has one leg each toward all 4 of the CPE level 2 titles.

Labrador Retriever

August 2009

Washu has obtained her first leg in A.K.C. Open Agility.
Due to scheduling conflicts, Washu can no longer attend Rally classes.
Washu's Retriever Training is coming along SLOWLY but surely.
Land retrives on cut grass are up to about 200 feet (movie below). Washu is still a bit tentative in swimming out to her bumper. At home, she is working with a duck-scented dokken and some bird wings. Washu is still gun shy, although the sounds are getting slightly less scary.

July 2009

Washu has started retriever training and Rally classes.
Washu finds Rally a whole lot of fun.
As for retriever training, Washu is not quite sure that she IS a retriever.
Washu is gun shy (we have been to the rifle range twice as well as to organized field training and hunt test days.)
Washu thinks dead birds are "yicky" - certainly not something she wants to put in her mouth. (we are working with bird wings as well as a pheasant-covered canvas bumper.)
While Washu will swim after LIVE birds, she is really hesitant to swim after bumpers (of course we are working on that too.)
Washu's land retrieves are pretty good on days when she is "into it."

About Washu

Washu was born around February 14, 2005. Washu has studied Dog Obedience, formally, in three classes. She obtained her CGC in 2007. Canine Agility is Washu's current endeavor.
Many people admire Washu's small size. Washu is only 19¾ inches.
(The A.K.C. Breed standard is 21½ to 23½ inches.)

Labrador Retriever, Washu

Labrador Retriever, Washu

Aside from agility, Washu's other interests include: eating, swimming, and "fetch."

Washu struggles with separation anxiety. But other than that she is a really good dog!

And she hopes you enjoy her web pages!