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Evolution of Amphibians & Reptiles
The Triassic Period

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245,000,000 years ago

Species of the suborder Stereospondyli lived during theTriassic period. They evoloved from the Rhachitomes (like Eryops)
The Stereospondyli were the most abundant animals of the Triassic period. Some of these animals grew relatively large.
Stereospondyli features:
· While the Rhachitomes were mainly land-living amphibians, the Stereospondyli were aquatic animals.
· Because they were aquatic amphibians, Stereospondyli had more simplified backbones.
· Stereospondyli were the largest amphibians.
· Some had heads that were grotesquely larger than their bodies.
· Their skeletons were realtively increased in cartilage and decreased in bone.
At the end of the Triassic period, Stereospondyli became extinct.

Chomatobatrachus a species of Stereospondyli


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