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Articles are listed in alphabetical order by title. Dates following the titles of the articles, in most cases, refer to their date of appearance on the web site.

Alligator mississipiensis   species spotlight 
JULY 1999 Common Name = American Alligator, Mississippi Alligator - Information Sheet

Alytes Obstetricians  species spotlight  
Common Name = Midwife Toad - Information Sheet

Ambystoma maculatum Spotlight Species  
MAY 1999.  Common Name = Spotted Salamander - Information Sheet

Anguillian Racer  Alsophis rijersmai   
JAN. 1999.  A rare snake species of the Caribbean Island Anguilla that is endangered.

Anguis fragilis  species spotlight 
SEPT 1999.  Common Name = Slowworm - Information Sheet

Caiman crocodilus   species spotlight 
May 2000. Common Name = Spectacled Caiman - Information Sheet

Calabaria reinhardtii
AUGUST 2001. Common Name = Calabar Python - Information Sheet

Chamaeleo chamaeleon   species spotlight 
July 2000. Common Name = Common Chameleon- Information Sheet

Chelodina longicollis  species spotlight 
FEB 1999 Common Name = Snake-necked Turtle - Information Sheet

Chelonia mydas species spotlight
APRIL 2000 Common Name = Green Turtle - Information Sheet

Chelonoidis elephantopus species spotlight  
NOV. 2000  Common Name = Galapagos Tortoise - Information Sheet

Chlamydosaurus kingi speciesspotlight
2001. Common Name = Australian Frilled Lizard - Information

Crocodile vs. Alligator
SEPT 2000. Comparison of Crocodile and Alligator species' differences.

Crocodylus niloticus Species Spotlight
OCT 2000. Common Name = Nile Crocodile - Information Sheet.

Dendrobates pumilio species spotlight 
NOV 1998  Common Name = Red and Blue Poison Arrow Frog - Information Sheet

Dermochelys coriacea species spotlight  
JUNE 1999 Common Name = Leatherback Turtle - Information Sheet

Did You Know? 
AUG 1999  Trivia type factoids.

Elaphe vulpina Species Spotlight
SEPT 2001. Common Name = Eastern Fox Snake, Western Fox Snake- Information Sheet

Eunectes murinus Species Spotlight
JUNE 2000. Common Name = Green Anaconda - Information Sheet

Evolution of Reptiles & Amphibians
SEPT 2001.

To Egg or Not to Egg  
OCT. 1998  Examines the question of why some reptiles lay eggs and others are live bearers.

Gila Monsters & Beaded Lizards 
SEPT 1998

Heloderma Suspectum speciesspotlight
DEC 2000 Common Name = Gila Monster - Information Sheet

Malaclemys terrapin speciesspotlight 
APRIL 2000  Common Name = Diamondback Terrapin - Information Sheet

Michigan Reptiles and Amphibians  
MAY 1998   field guide type of information, includes pictures

Micrurus fulvius speciesspotlight 
APRIL 1999 Common Name = Coral Snake - Information Sheet

Morelia spliotes (Carpet Python, Diamond Python)
January 2002  Information Sheet

Natrix natrix speciesspotlight 
NOV 2001 Common Name = Grass Snake - Information Sheet

Opheodrys vernalis vernalis 
NOV 1998   Common Name = Eastern Smooth Green Snake - Information Sheet

Pseudis paradoxa speciesspotlight 
OCT 1999  Common Name Paradoxical Frog - Information Sheet

Pythons - General Information
MARCH 2001   (Contains links to species information)

Python curtus (Blood Python)
OCT 2001 Information Sheet

Python molurus (Burmese Python, Indian Python)
MAY 2001  Information Sheet

Python reticulatus (Reticulated Python)
JULY 2001  Information Sheet

Python sebae (African Rock Python)
JUNE 2001  Information Sheet

Rana catesbeina   speciesspotlight  
AUG 2000 Common Name = Bullfrog - Information Sheet

Rana temporaria   speciesspotlight  
Common Name = Common Frog - Information Sheet

Reptile Sale Checklist for the New Pet Buyer  
DEC 2000

Triturus cristatus  speciesspotlight 
DEC 1999  Common Name = Great Crested Newt - Information Sheet


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